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Communism is back and running in the next election

Communism is firmly back on the Irish political agenda following the announcement by the Workers’ Party that it will be running candidates in the next general election. The small, hard left party had disappeared from public view but is planning a comeback.

The Workers’ Party is not the only communist-leaning organisation that will bid for seats in next year’s election. The Socialist Party is expected to make an impact, while the leftist People Before Profit will also bid for more influence. There are already several TDs and many councillors who belong to the communist end of the political spectrum, include Marxists and Trotskyites.

The victory of Greece’s Syriza party has inspired many left-wing organisations in Ireland and throughout Europe. Syriza opposes the austerity imposed on the Greek people by the Troika. Communism was once a potent force in Europe but went into rapid decline following the fall of the Soviet Union. It has never had a great influence in Ireland.

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