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Complaints flood in over the Tubridy/Connors Late Late Show interview

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In what can only be described as a highly intense interview between The Late Late Show’s presenter Ryan Tubridy and actor John Connors of the travelling community.

Connors was on the show talking about his upcoming documentary “I am traveller” where he interviews various members, predominantly young people, of the travelling community asking them their views on life in Ireland as a traveller and how they feel about being called a “kn*cker”.

The eloquently spoken actor told the presenter that being deemed a “kn*cker” invokes fear into the man. He said that he feels there’s a strong bias in the media against the travelling community, depicting them solely in a negative light.

Tubridy took exception at this and hit back with the fact he didn’t believe it. He felt that the media gives the travelling community a fair shake and that basically certain elements of the community are the reason for the rest getting a bad name.

The intensity was palpable and both people were highly discussed on social media with a plethora or complaints towards the presenter, Ryan Tubridy, a sample of which can be viewed below:

One user from Cork said:
“I can hardly believe my eyes. Tubridy is so blatantly biased against the travelling community and what John is saying. He is coming across very badly.”

Another lady from Dublin claims:
“I must say, I was saddened to see the way this man from Love/Hate was attacked by Tubridy.”

A user from Cavan went onto say:
“Tubridy was the voice and face of life long Fianna Fail priviledge against a man who came from nothing.”

A man from Galway complimented the actor:
“Fair play to you John, you’re a great actor and a good person. Looking forward to the documentary”.

“I am Traveller” is on next Thursday at 9:30pm on RTE2

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