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Coroner says no evidence vaccine contributed to death of healthy Dublin man who died ‘out of the blue’ weeks after getting the jab

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A mystery still surrounds the sudden and unexplained death of a healthy 57-year-old man at his home in Dublin two years ago, an inquest has found.

According to the Mirror, a hearing in Dublin District Court on Monday found autopsy results failed to provide a medical reason for the death of John “Jack” Ryan at his rented home on New Cabra Road in Phibsboro on May 27, 2021.

Although the deceased’s brother, Des Ryan, told the inquest that his deceased brother received a Covid-19 vaccine about two to three weeks before he died, coroner Clare Keane said there was no evidence the vaccine contributed to death.

Mr Ryan said he had thought about it after reading reports suggesting there were some links between the vaccine and deaths in the elderly.

Dr Keane said there was no evidence Mr Ryan, a native of Clerihan, County Tipperary, died of a crime or suicide.

In a statement, Garda Mark Campbell said Ms Brady said two other tenants broke down the door to Mr Ryan’s flat because they feared he had not been seen in recent days and that he had failed to pay the rent.

Mr Ryan told the inquest that he had not seen his brother since their mother’s one-year anniversary in 2010 but spoke to him around six months before his death and also attempted to contact him around Christmas 2020.

He believed his brother, who had previously worked in construction in Ireland and Australia, had not worked since 2008 due to the economic downturn and back problems.

Mr Ryan said his brother appeared in “reasonable form” when they last spoke, while his health was “fairly robust”.

He dismissed all suggestions that his brother might be addicted to drugs, he believed he hadn’t had a drink in years.

“He seemed to lead a pretty healthy lifestyle,” his sister Maria Ryan said, reports The Mirror.

Dr Keane said medical records from the deceased’s family doctor showed he had no significant medical problems and that he last saw his family doctor more than 18 months before his death.

The coroner said an autopsy found no problems with Mr Ryan’s cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.

While a toxicology report indicated that acetaminophen and alcohol were in his system.

Dr Keane gave an open verdict and apologized to Mr Ryan’s family that the inquest could not find a clear cause of death.

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