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Crisis: 60 Houses Repossessed Each Week


The number of houses repossessed through the courts has tripled this year.

Figures from the Irish Times show that the number of houses repossessed by the courts in the first six months of the year have ballooned from 313 last year to over 900 this year; an average number of 60 repossessions per week.

Of the 900 houses repossessed it is reported that over 600 were primary residences and 284 were buy-to-let properties.

The highest figures were from Cork, where 123 houses have been repossessed, followed by Dublin which sees 116 houses seized through the courts. More houses were repossessed in Wexford (68), Laois (55), Louth (46) and Tipperary (45); while the fewest houses were seized in Sligo (7).

These figures represent cases brought to 26 of the States courts, while 40 were repossessed in the High Court.

586 houses were repossessed in the first quarter of the year, an average of 58 per week over 10 weeks of court hearings, while 314 have been repossessed so far in the second quarter, an average of 62 per week over 5 weeks of court hearings.

These figures have risen significantly since 2012, when 141 houses were repossessed in the first six month of the years, showing clearly how the housing crisis has worsened in recent years.



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