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Crowd cheers as man proposes to flight attendant in Dublin Airport

A Ryanair flight attendant was proposed to by her boyfriend in Dublin Airport in front of a cheering crowd, reports Breaking News.

In a video posted to Twitter by member Vincent Hughes, a man can be seen lifting his girlfriend up in the air with a bouquet of pink flowers.

The happy couple kiss and hug while a man plays the piano nearby while the surrounding crowd claps and cheers, reports Breaking News.

Mr Hughes, a Dublin-based radio host and producer, said he was waiting in Dublin Airport’s Terminal 1 for his son, who was arriving from Spain, when the application was implemented.

He said: “I had been listening to a guy playing the piano. His friend was holding a big bunch of flowers and was nervously watching the board for flight arrivals. Then the airport police came and helped him to move the piano nearer to the arrival door and then the wait was on. There was quite an audience when she finally came through the door and there were lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and tears when she said yes. Brilliant,” reports Breaking News.

He captioned the footage: “There is still romance in Ireland despite all that is going on. Dublin Airport tonight. What a lovely thing to do,” reports Breaking News.

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