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D-Day for President Trump as Mid-term elections loom

Image source: Fox

It’s D-Day for US President Trump as America prepares to vote in the House and Senatorial elections as well as in a number of governorship races.

President Trump has been on a non-stop, whirlwind tour of the US to drum up support for the Republican party.

The POTUS is hoping to capitalise on the success of the U.S economy which is enjoying a historic rate of growth and even his critics have been reluctantly forced to give him some kudos.

In October the US economy added over 250,000 jobs, unemployment is at a 50-year low and annual average wages have risen 3.7%.

President Trump has also seized on the tens of thousands of migrants making their way towards the US’ southern border in vast caravans as an example of the need to strong border controls.

The mid-term elections on Tuesday November 6th will determine the who holds the balance of power in Washington DC. Should the democrats wrest power from Republicans in the House and Senate they are likely to dedicated themselves to obstructing the Presidents, so far winning, agenda.

However, the US establishment media backed by countless Hollywood celebrities have been working hard to undermine the Republican Party in the hopes of hurting President Trump’s administration.

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