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Department Of Jobs promise 1,500 jobs will be created in the next three years


The Department of Jobs have promised that up to 1,500 jobs will be created over the next three years by over 100 early-stage, mostly technology-focused companies.

The announcement comes as part of Enterprise Ireland’s 2014 High Potential Start-Up programme. The programme will be funded by the Department of Jobs, it is understood the programme will support new export-oriented companies, based on technological innovation. The Department say that the number of current companies accepted onto the programme over the last year include a range of sectors, from software and services, to engineering and medical devices.

However the department has suggested that it is possible that not all companies will grow as planned or even survive, but have given its backing to the scheme as the firms are strongly committing to creating 1,500 jobs within the next three years. It is thought that more than half the companies will be based in Dublin, with the remaining companies being set up across the country.

Meanwhile the announcement was welcomed by Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton, who told the media that the firms concerned would be key to the Government’s plans to create a powerful engine of Irish enterprise to fuel jobs growth across the country.

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