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February 17, 2019

Despicable: Animal Rights groups “upset” and “angry” over viral video depicting defenseless dogs burning to death in a car

Animal Rights groups the world over are reeling following the release of viral video showing dogs howling as they burn alive in a car.

Animal lovers across the world are rightfully upset and angry this week after a video has appeared online showing horrendous and footage of a number of defenseless dogs being burned alive in a car.

The harrowing footage (which we have decided not to post) has led to animal activist groups from all of the world to voice their disgust and concerns online.

The stomach churning incident which occurred in Israeli city of Unm al-Fahm was apparently carried out by a group of youths as part of a sick act that was considered fun.

In the heartbreaking footage the desperate dogs are heard howling and whimpering whilst they battle for their lives in the blaze.

The incident is made all the worse as the dogs involved reportedly belonged to an animal shelter who were rehabilitating them to be housed elsewhere.

Although a local fire crew did manage to extinguish the blaze,they were unable to save the dogs.

The sickening act of brutality has also angered local residents who have openly condemned the monstrous act.

Speaking to local media Rami Mahamid, a resident of the city, said: “The people who did this are not human. These dogs were better than they are. It’s a shocking act, and it’s hard for us to digest it… The police have to find the people who burnt the dogs and punish them; they need to be in jail.”

Whilst another resident said: “It’s no different from the murder of a person. I think that such people are mentally ill and don’t deserve to be amongst (other) people. They’re capable of more serious things.”

Meanwhile animal rights activist, Eti Altman the founder of Let the Animals Live, also condemned the sickening attack,saying:”Every possible line has been crossed. I implore the public to watch the video, listen to the whines and cries of the poor dogs that are being burnt alive, and you will understand how animals are treated in Israel.”

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