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‘Devoted’ married couple in the UK kill their dogs then themselves in suicide pact

Image source: Metro

A couple described as “soulmates” died along with three of their five dogs in a suicide pact, an investigation found.

Cassie Collins, 35, and Francis Collins, 36, were found dead at their home in Cullompton, Devon, on September 11, 2021, by a family member who was concerned for their well-being, reports Metro.

Cassie was found dead in her bed, cuddling up to three dogs – chihuahuas and two miniature pinschers – who were also dead. Francis was found dead in the hallway.

The couple, who met 11 years ago, were described as “really good together and joined at the hip” but both struggled with “challenges in their life,” reports Metro.

Francis had previously been sentenced to eight months in prison for throwing homemade firebombs into a neighbor’s driveway when the couple lived in Wales.

At the end of 2020, they moved to Devon.

While in the United States, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), had a history of depression and anxiety, and previously attempted suicide.

He told the NHS psychiatric team how his father had taken his own life when he was younger, and the team discovered he was suffering from back pain, financial stress and an ongoing police investigation.

For years, Cassie suffered from chronic pain due to shoulder and knee injuries that left her bedridden and unable to work.

Cassie’s mum, Deborah Coombes said: “I can 100% say Francis wouldn’t have killed her. They were devoted and soulmates and he said if anything happened to Cassie he would kill himself as she was everything to him,” reports Metro.

Cassie’s sister, Josie said: “Cassie had said a couple of years ago that if there were going to kill themselves they would kill the dogs as well as they wouldn’t want anyone else looking after them,” reports Metro.

An autopsy revealed that Cassie died from the combined toxic effects of the two drugs.

Francis died of asphyxiation by hanging. He was found to have ingested a significant amount of alprazolam, which “probably” caused the poisoning.

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