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Disgraceful: Elderly couple have their grandchild heartlessly taken off them by Tulsa because they were ‘too old’


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the Minister for Children Katherine Zappone to demand immediate clarification from Tusla, The Child and Family Agency surrounding the forced removal of a young child from its Tipperary grandparents on the basis of their age. Deputy McGrath went on to say that the grandparents have been left traumatised and utterly bewildered at the course of events which has shocked the local tight knit community to its core:

“This case is one the saddest that has ever crossed my desk in all my many years as a public representative.

It represents a level of state over reach into the heart of a loving family that cannot be overestimated.

The grandparents, in their mid 60’s, had made this little 9 year old boy the heart and soul of their world since he came in to their care as a 4 year old.

He was cherished, well educated, well looked after; all of which was testified to by Consultants, his Principal, his local GP.

Yet none of this was good enough for Tusla who in its infinite wisdom decided it was best to take the child from its distraught grandparents and place him in another county without any effective means of communication.

This kind of action is a throwback to the kind of Ireland we all thought we were in the process of leaving behind.

It is absolutely outrageous the way Tusla have treated this honest hard working family.

To make matters worse Tusla have now informed us that they will be investigating themselves after a catalogue of poor case handling was criticised by the grandparents.

I will be demanding that Minister Zappone remove this function from Tusla given how obviously inappropriate it is for a state agency to investigate its own actions. .

This family and this child need swift intervention that is guided by common sense and compassion not by an incomprehensible adherence to bureaucratic box ticking exercises on Tusla’ part,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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