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Do we rely on our phones too much


Have you ever lost your phone? Have you thought about losing your phone? Have you ever realised the massive influx of power that little wallet-sized machine has on our daily lives?

I recently lost my mobile. I had absolutely everything on it. My numbers, my texts, my emails (well, fair enough), my photos, my music and my videos… all gone!

I didn’t have a GPS app to locate it and I hadn’t backed up in sometime. The utter disbelief that I had now been left without my communication-buddy was quite daunting. I had never really stood back and realised how much dependency I put on my mobile. I literally used it as an extension of my hand! How could a block of mostly plastic have this influence over my life without me even being aware of it?

I love watches so I’ll always wear one, but if one didn’t, the mobile is an equivalent time-teller with oodles of alarm features. Mobile browsing has become so common that if you’re tired, why on earth would you turn on the laptop? It’s hard to grasp how one device has such a major role in your life but yet seem somewhat undetected because of its everyday use. It’s an anomaly.

I ventured down to my network provider and sought out a new sim card and indeed a new phone – the newest model with even more capabilities of things to lose… but as much a tech-aholic as I am, I have reverted to a filofax to literally hard copy a back up of everything I deemed irreplaceable or essential. Don’t wait for it to happen to you – ironically, put down your phone right now and write out what your backup.

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