Document found by Gerry Adams' former solicitor 'contradicts some of his evidence' given during his brother's rape trial

Document found by Gerry Adams’ former solicitor ‘contradicts some of his evidence’ given during his brother’s rape trial


According to various reports a document has been discovered by Gerry Adams’ former solicitor which apparently contradicts the evidence given by the Sinn Fein leader during his brother’s rape trial.

The news was broke today by Liam Adams barrister Eilis McDermot during a court appeal process, It is understood that Mr Adams learned that his brother Liam Adams had allegedly “molested” his daughter. Mr McDermot subsequently stated that the Sinn Fein leader was then called to give evidence during his brother’s first aborted trial.

Ms McDermott told the court: “The import of the documents was, Mr Adams’ evidence was that this was the first contact between him and the solicitor in June 2007.“This recently disclosed document shows that there were extensive discussions in February of 2007, discussions with high-ranking police officers and so on.”

The document was then forwarded by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) to Liam Adams’ solicitors two weeks ago. The defence counsel added: “It certainly was material that would have been used in cross-examination.”

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