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Donegal students are way more likely to receive college grants




The breakdown of Irish student grants by the HEA (Higher Education Authority) has found that Donegal students are nearly twice as likely to receive grants than those attending college in Dublin.

The new figures showed that 46% of new entrants into higher education throughout Ireland were in receipt of a grant.

Grant eligibility is means tested solely on the students income or the parents income.

The new data showed that Donegal came out on top in the country with 67% of students receiving student grants. Letterkenny Institute of Technology had 71% of students receiving grants.

Dublin ranked the lowest with only 35% of students receiving student grants. Trinity college being the lowest with only 24% of students receiving grants.

Institutes of Technology have the highest amount of students in receipt of grants with 56% of all first years while universities have the lowest amount with 36%.

Minister for Education and Skills Jan O’Sullivan said that there is a higher percentage of student grants in Donegal mainly because of higher participation rates in Donegal and because the income is generally lower in regional areas.



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