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Dublin shoppers empty shelves as Irish Water warn 600,000 people to boil water

Dublin shoppers have emptied many water shelves in supermarkets following the warning from Irish Water to boil water prior to use.

The stark warning was issued to some 600,000 people – around half the residents of Dublin and a  considerable amount of the entire population of Ireland itself.

Once the warning went live, people took to their local shops and supermarkets and stocked up with as much water as possible citing the fact that there is no end time in sight in regards to the fault being fully repaired.

People have been asked to keep a close eye on their elderly relatives, neighbours, friends and disabled who may not be able to access clean water but need to know that they have to boil their running water before using it.

An urgent boil water notice has been issued for a number of areas across Dublin, Kildare, and Meath, affecting some 600,000 people.

The major issue comes after problems were detected with the disinfectant used at Leixlip Water Treatment plant, which serves Fingal, Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, parts of Kildare, and Dunboyne in Meath.

Those affected are urged to boil the water before food preparation, teeth brushing, and ice making. The water is reportedly safe to use for personal hygiene and flushing toilets.

Irish Water staff are ‘working on it’ but it’s not yet fixed.

A full list of affected areas can be found here.

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