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Dungarvan Pride remain silent as parents outraged following male drag queen pulled up his skirt to audience including children

Social media users have been utterly outraged at what has been described as utterly “degusting”, “vile”, “depraved” and “revolting” when a so-called drag queen lifted his skirt in front of an audience packed with parents and very young children.

One social media user pined “what would happen if a priest or a teacher did similar in front of a class of young kids – they’d be lynch mobbed and more than likely arrested.”

Another said, “people say that things have gone too far and that those who participate in such depravity need to respect others in society who want no part of it.”

Dungarvan Pride took place in county Waterford last weekend. As reported earlier, a Large number of young children were amongst the pride festival-goers for “face-painting”, a “circus” and adult drag queen shows. Dungarvan Pride was located next to a children’s playground in Walton Park, Dungarvan.

A male, adult entertainer who goes under the drag queen name of FiFi Fondue opened the Dungarvan Pride event and performed a number of karaoke songs. On a
A since deleted social media video, the drag queen can be seen on stage performing karaoke to an audience including a number of young children. During this
karaoke video, the drag queen could be seen lifting his long skirt above his waist to expose his under garment to the audience which included young children.

Face painting, balloons and a circus formed part of the Pride event and a group called Dreamgirls Drag Queens closed the event the weekend.

Dreamgirls Drag queen stage names included “Fi Fi Fondue, Divalicious and Ivanna Fist”.

The event was in very close proximity to a children’s playground and thus a large number of young children were in attendance.

Pride of the Deise has reportedly received thousands in donations from Irish taxpayers through funding from Waterford County Council. The organising
group also reportedly received funding from US pharma giant GSK who make PANADOL headache tablets in the town. Many local business’ in Dungarvan
have shown their support to Dungarvan Pride. Some locals in Dungarvan are questioning why Dungarvan Pride are hosting face-painting and circuses for young children at such an adult event?

Some on social media say Dungarvan Pride urgently need to issue a statement about this event.

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