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ECB unveils new €20 note to the public


Officials at the ECB have unveiled the new €20 note to the public today and here is what it looks like(above) the new note is expected to come into circulation later this year.

The new note is the third note to have been reissued in the last number of years , after the €5 note and €10 note respectively, the new note which many have described as ‘Gothic’ looks pretty similar to the current one, however the new note contains new anti-counterfeiting measures which the European Central Bank hopes will make it difficult to forge. It is understood that the current €20 note is one of the most forged throughout the EU.

It has been confirmed that the new note will feature the ‘portrait window’ security feature that was first introduced in the new €5 note in 2013 and seen again in last year’s new €10 note, which shows the mythical figure that shares her name with the official EU information website and after which the continent was named when the note is held up to the light. The new note won’t officially come into circulation until November 25th.

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