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Elderly couple in their 90’s were so lonely that they called 999

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Police in Manchester visited the house of an elderly couple in their 90s after they called 999 out of loneliness. Two kind officers, PCs Stu Ockwell and Andy Richardson visited the couple’s home and spent 30 minutes with the couple, chatting and having a brew.

A tweet from the General Manchester Police division in Heywood on Tuesday read:

The couple, Fred Thompson and his wife Doris (95) told the BBC they were touched by the gesture.
“You feel somebody cares and oh that does matter… simple things they talk about, nothing very special but they showed that they cared by being there and talking to you,” Mr Thompson said.

An immense amount of praise for the two officers on social media prompted them to post a status on Facebook, where they modestly said they were just doing their jobs.

“Neither of us accept the title of ‘hero’ very well,” said the post “nothing more than any other Police Officer would have done anywhere else in the country if they’d found themselves in that same position. The original post was to show that we don’t just deal with crime or the less desirable elements of society, but we also deal with incidents that statistics simply can not measure.”

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