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Elderly woman left devastated after her Chihuahua drowns in floods


An elderly woman has been left distraught after her pet Chihuahua was killed after her house flooded last night. Vera Donnelly’s home in Limerick suffered flooding on Saturday night and Sunday morning. The women found her dog 3-year-old dog floating in her sitting room.

Vera had lifted the three year old pet dog onto her couch as she attempted to stop the flow of water into her home in Richmond Park, Corbally. “I was trying to scoop up the water and we stopped it coming in to the hall but then it started coming up though the shower,” Ms Donnelly told the Irish Independent.

“I was trying to stop the water because it was coming in the back and the front. I was trying to save the sitting room when my son in law asked where the dog was. He checked in there and could only see the other two dogs but not Princess.”

The family eventually found their little dog floating behind their television. “I did everything for her last night. I tried to breathe down her throat but she must have been dead a while,” Ms Donnelly said.

“I’ll bury her in the back garden now. Two years ago one of our pups died and all my grandchildren wanted to bury here so we had a little ceremony out in the back garden with flowers so we will have something like that again.” she added.


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