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Electronic shock collar for dogs and cats to be banned in Ireland

The Minister for Agriculture has requested a public consultation, and the result is the prohibition on hand-held remote-controlled electronic shock collars for dogs and cats in Ireland, reports RTE.

Owners occasionally use the collars to reprimand, control, or instruct their animals.

The prohibition, which comes after such actions in other EU member states, will be implemented in the upcoming months.

As long as their animals are acclimated to the devices, those who are presently utilising them may keep doing so; nevertheless, collars cannot be used on any new animals.

The usage of these collars in conjunction with electrical yard or garden enclosure devices, which shock animals if they attempt to cross a perimeter wire, will still be permitted notwithstanding the restriction, reports RTE.

Bark-resistant collars will also be accepted.

Minister Charlie McConalogue said: “I recognise that some of the small number of dog owners, who currently use these shock collars, expressed worry about controlling their dogs if they stop using them. For that reason, I intend to permit those who currently use shock collars on their dogs to continue to do so, but only for those dogs,” reports RTE.

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