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European heatwave in full swing as temperatures top 45C in Portugal


The heatwave that is currently gripping Central Europe is set to break an all time record as temperatures have already surpassed 40C.

In what could be the hottest weekend on record on the continent, Portuguese residents have already experienced the sweltering heatwave as temperatures have already reached 45.2C.

The sizzling temperature which was set in the town of Abrantes, which is located 93 miles North of the capital Lisbon, could very well be topped as temperatures are expected to rise over the coming days ahead.

The current heatwave which has authorities in Portugal, Spain and France on alert could beat the previous all time high of 48C which was set in the Greek city of Athens in 1977.

Although northern Europe will see cooler temperatures, the current heatwave has gripped Central Europe and the Iberian peninsula in particular with authorities issuing public warnings.

Those travelling to the region are being reminded to stay well hydrated and to use the proper skin care products.

The sweltering heatwave has also prompted authorities in the above mentioned countries to prepare for potentially devastating wildfires as temperatures continue to soar.

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