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Execution by firing squad may return in America amid shortage of lethal injection drugs

Image source: BBC

Execution by firing squad could return to the United States due to the current shortage of supplies for lethal injection, reports Metro.

Several pharmaceutical companies have banned the use of their products in lethal injections.

This has left states that still use the death penalty without the drugs they need to carry out these sentences.

Now, some states are using firing squad to execute criminals who are usually convicted of murder.

Idaho lawmakers passed a bill last week adding the state to the list of people authorizing the use of firing squads to execute death row inmates. This includes Mississippi, Utah, Oklahoma and South Carolina, reports Metro.

A man who killed a lawyer during a courtroom escape attempt sat in a chair surrounded by sandbags as five prison staff members fired from 25 feet away. Gardner was pronounced dead two minutes later.

There has also been much controversy surrounding the use of lethal injection, leading Arizona to suspend the death penalty.

Katie Hobbs, the state’s first Democratic governor since 2009, ordered a review of capital punishment protocols in January, reports Metro.

This was after Arizona was accused of taking too long to insert an IV into the detainee’s body.

The Arizona Republic newspaper requested to see three executions from the previous year, but each was turned away.

New Democratic attorney general, Kris Mayes, said recent executions had amounted to ‘torture’, saying a “thorough review of Arizona’s protocols and processes governing capital punishment is needed”, reports Metro.

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