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Expert warns parents that more babies could die from whooping cough

A renowned scientist has warned that unless vaccination rates rise to stop the infection’s spread, more infants would perish from whooping cough, reports Breaking News.

The head of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, which provides advice to the UK government, and a consultant paediatrician, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, stated that Covid lockdowns may have contributed to the increase in instances, especially among older children and adults.

However, he claimed that poor vaccination rates—particularly among pregnant women—are the “biggest issue,” reports Breaking News.

According to data for England, 59.3% of expectant mothers had a whooping cough vaccination between October and December 2023—a almost 16 percent decrease over the same period in 2016–17.

London boasts exceptionally low rates—36.8%.

Pregnancy-related vaccinations aid in bridging the immunity gap that exists between the time a baby is born and when they can get immunised.

91.8 percent of children have received their whooping cough vaccination by the time they turn one, according to data for 2022–2023. Experts argue that this percentage should be higher, reports Breaking News.

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