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Food family: Meet the Fitzgerald family who run the successful food blog, “Married with Cauldron”

This week, this reporter sat down with Rob Fitzgerald, the father figure (literally) of “Married with Cauldron”, an Irish family food blog which he and family run.

The blog covers a variety of recipes but old and original, all done with a unique twist on the usual food blog. Rob is joined by his wife, Davinia and their three children, Abigail, Harriet and Malcolm.

The family are passionate about food, and this really seeps through on their blog. Along with a penchant for food delicacies, they enjoy farming and Rob enjoys hunting.


So Rob, tell us in your own words what “Married with Cauldron” is all about?

“Married with Cauldron is an Irish family food blog. We are passionate about farming, hunting and food. We are continually cooking and creating our very own exciting food recipes for the blog. Some of our ideas come from brainstorming about the seasonal ingredients we have at the time or what is in stock in our larder, just like on Ready,Steady,Cook  the popular BBC cook show (which would have been an inspiration for me). We are currently living in Drogheda. We are both from Dublin. Both myself and Davinia are in our mid-thirties. We have three beautiful children Abigail, Harriet and Malcolm. Originally I wanted to create a recipe book to pass on to my children just like my mother has. But my mothers book is tattered and torn from use and age. It’s full of old notes and cut outs from women’s weekly magazines and these incidentally get mislaid from time to time. So by creating a virtual cookbook on WordPress it has helped us to keep the recipes and ideas forever. It has also been a great way to allow me to write, which I suppose is my biggest enjoyment. Our young family have gotten involved in the blog and really enjoy it. Being married with a cauldron has really helped educate our kids of the importance of food and where it comes from. These life skills are priceless in this digital age.  Every day is a new adventure in food for us as the children get older and want to be more involved. Long may it last.”

Long may it last is right – it’s great to see such a happy family producing such great quality content on their food blog.

Check it out for yourself here:


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