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Foreign national jailed for smuggling €460,000 cannabis into Dublin Airport

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Before Christmas, a 30-year-old American lady admitted to gardaí that she didn’t really know what was in her baggage, despite having carried over €460,000 worth of cannabis into Dublin Airport, reports Breaking News.

Adrianne St. Clair, of Denker Avenue, Los Angeles, has been detained since December 22nd when more than 22 kg of cocaine were found in her suitcase upon arrival from the United States by a customs sniffer dog.

She informed her attorney that she knew she would be working as a masseuse in a business setting for many days before continuing on to London’s Gatwick Airport.

St. Clair informed the gardaí that she was owed €5,000 for transporting two sizable bags filled with clothes to London at the request of a former classmate.

When gardaí asked if she had been aware there may be anything illegal in the suitcases, St Clair replied: “I was aware it could be,” reports Breaking News.

“She was enduring some financial distress; an opportunity was placed before her, and she succumbed to temptation,” Judge Nolan said, at the hearing, reports Breaking News.

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