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Former leader of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe passes away aged 95

Robert Mugabe, the former leader of the impoverished country of Zimbabwe, has passed away aged 95.

Mugabe, widely seen as a ruthless autocrat during his 37 years in power, rose to prominence after leading a guerrilla campaign against the predominantly white Rhodesian government during the 70s. His success in overthrowing the white minority rule cemented Mugabe’s political clout.

Mugabe’s tenure in power became marred with widespread violence and ruthless crackdown on opposition parties. This, coupled with his forceful removal of white farmers during the 2000s led to a steep decline of the once-prosperous economy, causing widespread poverty and social unrest that remains to this day.

Mugabe was eventually overthrown by a military coup in 2017, but was allowed to keep his wealth, and was also given a five-bedroomed house, an army of servants, and private vehicles, on top of an alleged payment of $10m.

He passed away in a Singapore hospital in the early hours of Friday morning.

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