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Further protests greet the Taoiseach in Sligo

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There was a heavy Garda presence around the Sligo Park hotel in Sligo this evening, as the Taoiseach arrived for an event there.

A large crowd, estimated at around 400 plus, had been gathering since early evening to await the arrival of the country’s elected leader.

As Enda Kenny’s vehicle moved through the group, there were attempts to block his path, and the crowd chanted ‘shame on Kenny’, ‘out, out, out’, and ‘no way, we won’t pay’.

The Taoiseach was hurriedly escorted into the safety of the hotel as Gardai struggled to hold back the crowd.

A spokesman for the Gardai confirmed that no arrests were made tonight.

The mood of the country is one of anger, and the feeling is one of betrayal by the very leaders we democratically elected not long ago, those leaders that have now taken a firm hold of the poison chalice that is Irish Water.

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