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Gang of migrants get jailed for raping 13-yr-old girl in Britain

Image source: ITV

A group that threatened to kill and abduct a 13-yr-old girl while grooming her and raping her has been sentenced to prison, reports BBC.

According to Newcastle Crown Court, the four offenders mistreated the victim between August 2018 and April 2019 while they were between the ages of 15 and 21.

The youngster said that they “tortured” her and turned her early years into a “living nightmare”.

Huzaefa Aleboud and brothers Omar and Mohamed Badreddin were convicted guilty of several rapes. The verdict of sexual assault was in favour of Hamoud Al Soaimi, reports BBC.

The youngster was “extremely vulnerable” even before she met the “far more sophisticated” boys in Newcastle, according to Judge Amanda Rippon.

She was “groomed” with drink and smokes, the court heard, and then subjected to repeated abuse in the vicinity of Newcastle’s city centre and behind a burger shop, reports BBC.

Prosecutor Anne Richardson said that 17-year-old Mohamed Badreddin had been “aggressive and rough” with her and had threatened to “hurt her if she didn’t do stuff with him” in reference to his 20-year-old sibling Omar.

According to Ms. Richardson, the girl was also raped at home by the brothers, who had fled the Syrian conflict and sought asylum in the UK. They had threatened to murder her or transport her to another nation.

The court heard that Omar Badreddin had sexually assaulted her at least seven times, the first one being right after his brother had done the same, reports BBC.

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