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Gardai issues warning of car sale scam


Gardaí have issued a warning saying that there is a major spike in the activity of a criminal gang involved in a car sales scam.

It is understood that a criminal gang seeks to buy cars being sold privately found on popular online websites with fake bank drafts.

It is then believed that buyers quickly re-sell the cars before the scam is uncovered.

Gardaí have said they have  already identified 24 such cases of this particular scam this year.  Detective Garda Will Saunderson from the Garda Stolen Vehicles Unit has said: “Part of the scam is that they look to try and conclude this deal on an evening, weekday evening, or the weekend, outside of banking hours,”

Mr Saunderson also went on to say that: “It gives them a window of opportunity to sell them on for cash before the draft is discovered.
“I would ask people, again, that if you are accepting a draft, to verify that it is original and to do that during banking hours.”

A spokesperson for Crimestopers has said: “If you are buying or selling a vehicle privately and come across an activity that appears to be illegal, please call Crimestoppers on 1800 25 00 25.
“Your call is anonymous and you may receive a reward for the information you provide. By calling Crimestoppers with information, you can help make the private selling and buying of motor vehicles safer for everyone.”

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