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Gay Marriage: Heated Vincent Browne debate leads to row over gay adoption/surrogacy


In what started as a reasonably civilised debate, both Yes and No sides stated their case in front of the nation on Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3.

The Yes side had David Norris and George Hook voicing their opinion while Kathy Synott and Tom Finegan were debating for the No side.

Various interactions got the debate underway, but it quickly emerged that the debate was going to be mostly about gay adoption.

With George Hook stating he was predominantly going towards a Yes vote, he was almost convincing himself along with the audience.

Norris went hard on an emotional “equality” tirade. He spoke about being gay and about why he thinks the Yes side isn’t guaranteed a win.

Kathy Synott spoke about bringing up two families and voiced her concerns about what will happen down the road in the Family Court.

Tom Finegan was quoted by Browne at the end of the show as being the “winner of the debate on Twitter”.

The main part of the debate however was between Finegan and Norris towards the end of the show.

It really got going when Browne started pushing both parties on whether a child needed a mother and a father, everything being equal, where possible. He also pushed both parties to talk about the gay adoption/surrogacy question that is being talked about more and more.

Norris stated in an emotional and categorical way that he felt a child can be reared by two men or two women and that marriage was about a human right.

Finegan retorted that a child needed both a mother and father where possible and that the European Supreme Court stated marriage wasn’t a human right for anyone.

Synott jumped in by declaring that every child and adult wants to know where they came from. If this Bill passes, she said, that wouldn’t happen. Meanwhile, Hook just stayed quiet during the interaction.

It is clear from what happened in tonight’s debate that this debate has now moved on from a question of gay marriage equality to what’s right for children in terms of gay adoption/surrogacy and whether they need a mother and father.

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