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George Soros has been linked to anti-Kavanaugh protestors

Protestors in the US have targeted Republican Senators, hoping to intimidate them into voting no to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The protestors are using uncorroborated accusations, no evidence, of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh with from around 35 years ago to justify their opposition. Democrats had pledge to use any means necessary to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment.

It has also now been revealed that the women confronting Republican lawmakers are connected to the Centre for Popular Democracy. This has received funding from billionaire George Soros, Fox News reports.

Soros is a billionaire financier who opposes President Trump and supports unfettered abortion access.

This week an additional FBI probe is being conducted into the accusations against Kavanaugh, but this is likely to wrap up on Thursday as nothing of substance can be found to substantiate the claims.

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