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Goldmine: Watch magical moment man discovers £2 million worth of Gold hidden in a tank he bought it for just £30,000

Good fortune comes in many forms whether it is finding money on the ground or winning the lotto, but for one English man he certainly took the phrase the ‘worth a punt’to a whole new level after he discovered a windfall within his latest purchase.

The man who has become somewhat of a viral hit in the past week Nick Mead couldn’t believe his luck when he found £2,000,000 in gold in the back of a tank that he’s just bought for £30,000.

Nick’s incredible story arose when he decided to buy the Old Soviet War tank from Joe Hewes, 23, back in February.

However the unfortunate seller Joe had no idea what was hidden inside the massive war machine after he sold it to the war remborialla enthusiast Nick. The story which was captured on camera then unraveled when a crew of experts were rummaging through the T54 Type 69 main Battle tank that Joe and discovered the hidden treasure inside.

Speaking about the remarkable discovery a gracious Joe said that he wasn’t too disappointed at the discovery and only hopes NIck offers him a pint in return, if he manages to keep some of the fortune.

Joe said: ‘It’s crazy and a great find so I hope they get to keep it. Everyone is thinking I should be devastated to have missed out on what could be a fortune but I’m not too upset because I made a fair bit of money on the tank anyway.’

‘I haven’t been in touch with Nick but if he does get to keep some of the some of the money, I expect a pint!’

‘It’s incredible to think for months I had quite literally been sitting on a gold mine.’

Qualified Mechanic also revealed that Joe restored the tank after it was brought back by British forces from Iraq.

The amazing footage was captured during Nick and Todd from Tanks-a-lot in Northamptonshire were conducting an inspection of the Chinese copy of a Russian war machine in the hope that they would uncover old weaponry.

Although it has not been officially confirmed it is thought the gold was stored in the tank during the Kuwaiti invasion in 1990.

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