Government Turns Blind Eye as Unidentified Asylum Seekers Flood the Country, Endangering National Security and Vulnerable Communities, says Rural TDs – – Our News, Your Views

Government Turns Blind Eye as Unidentified Asylum Seekers Flood the Country, Endangering National Security and Vulnerable Communities, says Rural TDs

Newstalk FOI Data Exposes Government’s Alarming Failure: Over Half of Asylum Seekers Enter Ireland Without ID or with False Documents, Say Rural Independent TDs.

Speaking from Leinster House, the leader of the Group, Deputy Mattie McGrath, stated:

“During the first four months of 2023, a staggering total of 3,628 asylum seekers arrived through Dublin Airport, and shockingly, over half of them (1,819) entered without any documentation or with fraudulent papers. These alarming figures only represent entries via Dublin Airport, and it is highly likely that the actual numbers are significantly higher, as data collection is limited to this location.”

“What is truly shocking is that the government’s immigration border has become so porous that 1,465 asylum seekers were allowed to discard their passports before even arriving at Dublin Airport. Despite the potential risks associated with these individuals, including their potential involvement in major criminal gangs or being on Interpol’s most wanted list, they are permitted to enter the country without undergoing any criminal inadmissibility checks. As taxpayers bear the burden of providing accommodation and associated costs, this unsustainable and extremely dangerous system demands urgent attention.”

“In addition, numerous others with forged or false documentation have managed to enter Ireland through our open borders, with 354 international protection applicants arriving in the country during the first four months of this year.”

“Furthermore, many individuals are gaining access to the state through the North of Ireland, highlighting the government’s failure to address this issue on an all-Ireland basis. We have received reports that some of these individuals are being smuggled into the country in inhumane containers by criminal gangs. This disgraceful situation is further exacerbated by the government’s lack of transparency and a glaringly dysfunctional immigration system.”

“At present, Ireland lacks an effective system to differentiate between genuine cases of asylum and those who exploit our open borders. International people-smuggling gangs and criminal organizations continue to exploit our lax immigration protocols, with individuals resorting to destroying their travel ID documentation or having it confiscated by traffickers before landing in Dublin. Despite being aware of these issues, the government has taken no action to combat this problem or implement necessary controls.”

“It is imperative that the government acknowledges and rectifies this broken immigration policy, taking immediate steps to strengthen border controls, enhance transparency, and establish an efficient and fair immigration system. The safety, social cohesion, and security of our country, as well as the proper handling of asylum applications, demand urgent attention and a comprehensive approach,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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