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Harris survives no confidence vote thanks to Fianna Fail

If you’re one of the thousands and thousands of people who despise Minister for Health Simon Harris for his Handling of the over spend on the new Children’s Hospital, then you better not beer fan Fianna Fail either as last night they made sure that Harris was staying put by not supporting the no confidence motion.

Harris has been under immense pressure for the entire month of February after is emerged that he has known for months that new children’s hospital was going to cost hundreds of millions more than expected.

The no confidence motion was never really going to go ahead to any major extent once fine for said but they wouldn’t be supporting it. A cynic could argue that Fianna Fail I quite simply trying to save their own backside by not having a government so unstable that it would force a general election.

So for all of you out there who wished that Simon Harris would have gotten the door last night from the head of the health department in Ireland, then your best bet is to say thank you very much to Michael Martin.

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