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“He deserves life” – Social media users react to man getting jailed for assault that left woman blind in one eye

A 19-year-old man was jailed for four and a half years for gouging out a girl’s eye during an assault.

On 30 December 2021 Daragh Lyons of Weir View, Glenoullin, Chappellizode on Ballyfermot Road pleaded guilty to causing serious injuries and causing violent disorder in Dublin, reports RTE.

Alana Quinn Idris, 18, told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court that her self-esteem and chances of leading a normal life had been destroyed.

Judge Martin Nolan called it a savage attack and said Lyons was simply responsible for what had happened.

Darragh Lyons was one of four youths who violently assaulted Mrs Quinn Idris and her male friend in a staged reprisal on the night of her 18th birthday, reports RTE.

Darragh Lyons wrote a letter of apology, expressing his shame and regret and wishing he could turn back time.

His father also wrote to the court expressing “shock and disbelief” at his son’s actions.

Darragh Lyons pleaded guilty, having previously pleaded not guilty and the court was told he had received information about his offences, reports RTE.

Judge Martin Nolan said Ms. Quinn Idris was badly affected, disfigured and lost her sight.

He said her life expectancy had shrunk significantly and several businesses were now closed to her.

Judge said Darragh Lyons was a full participant in a premeditated attack involving cooperation and communication between the four people involved

“Do I think he wanted her to sustain these very serious injuries,” the judge said, “I do not, but he was involved in what happened that night and culpable by common design for what occurred,” reports RTE.

He said that Lyons was very young and that young people can do very irrational and stupid things and that if he had been older, his guilt level would have been higher.

The maximum sentence that could have been imposed is life in prison, but the Director of Public Prosecutions has indicated that the sentence should be in the higher range for assault and recommended a starting point of between ten and 14 years before they are considered. consideration of mitigating factors.

Judge Martin Nolan, however, said he believed eight or nine years was the starting point, and after mitigation he felt the appropriate sentence was four and a half years, reports RTE.

In sentencing him, the judge said Lyons cooperated, pleaded guilty, had no criminal record, and was unlikely to engage in “great criminal behaviour” in the future.

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