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Head of Irish Water ‘cannot be questioned by Dáil spending watchdog’


Another day, another quizzical Irish Water controversy unfolds.

Now, it transpires that the managing director of the semi-state fiasco cannot be questioned by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) about his dealings within Irish Water or his involvement in other projects, despite the fact that the PAC did take evidence from Mr. Tierney earlier in the year.

Earlier in the week, PAC chairman John McGuiness stated that he planned to raise the issue of Mr. Tierney’s decisions in relation to the controversial Poolbeg incinerator when he was Dublin city manager. The incinerator, now finally under construction, has so far cost the tax payer €108m.

However, an objection to any such move was raised by Ramona Quinn, a parliamentary legal advisor, stating that she ‘would have grave concerns’ if such questioning did go ahead.

Ms. Quinn added that Irish Water ‘from the outset falls outside the remit of the PAC, and thus the committee does not have the jurisdiction to question or examine such witnesses.’

Mr. Tierney served as Dublin city manager for seven years, and had direct input in decisions taken in relation to the incinerator.

It appears that controversy follows the man wherever he goes. His tenure in Irish Water has been dogged by serious issues from day one, from the exorbitant profligacy on consultants, to the more recent concern of a misguided bonus culture within the company.

Massive public protests against water charges are planned for the coming days and weeks.

Irish Water, and the social unfairness it represents, is an issue unlikely to go away any time soon, and has become a sore thorn on the government’s side.



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