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Heartbreaking: Brave 6 year old Russian girl dies after saving her little brother from spilt kettle


In a truly heartbreaking story a six-year-old girl in Russia has sadly died after she tried desperately to save her little brother from being scolded by boiling water.

The young girl named Masha Yantuganova was understood to have been playing with younger brother Dima who is just 18 months old at their home in the village of Suuk-Chishma in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan when the tragedy occurred.

According to reports by Russian media it is believed that young Dima accidentally tripped on a cable belonging to an electric kettle with his leg, causing it to topple over. After seeing the water spill across the table, little Masha bravely threw herself across the room to save young Dima from being completely scalded.

However the scalding hot water tragically cascaded all over little Masha, which caused her to sustain third degree burns across 60% of her body.

Distraught mother Tatyana spoke of how she quickly ran in to attend to her daughter. Tatyana told reporters: “She was in terrible pain but didn’t cry as she didn’t want to worry me. “She just kept saying that I had to take care of Dima.”

Tatyana then proceeded to soak both children in ice cold water whilst other family members tried calling for an ambulance but recieved no answer. Tatyana then desperately rushed her two children to a nearby hospital where they were forced to wait up to an hour to see a doctor. Sometime later doctors finally arrived to treat the young children, doctors apparently smeared ointment all over baby Dima but they then said that they had run out of ointment to treat little Masha.

Masha’ s mother Tatyana then proceeded to drive her daughter to another hospital but little Masha lost consciousness during the journey.

Sadly when the distraught mother and her daughter arrived at the next hospital Masha was taken into intensive care but later died.


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