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Heavy sleet, hail and thunderstorms on the way this week

The current Irish weather pattern will not abate over the Easter break; heavy rain is predicted to be the main feature, and next week’s highs are probably going to be below zero, reports The Mirror.

Before Easter weekend, Met Éireann has issued a warning of “unsettled and fairly cool” conditions, including heavy rain, possibly spot flooding in certain areas, and lows as low as -2 degrees.

Prior to that, Saturday is expected to feel quite wintry due to strong and gusty northwest winds, which will make it seem much colder than the peak temperatures of six to ten degrees. Hail, sleet, and thunderstorms are predicted, reports The Mirror.

Sunday will offer a short reprieve, with lots of sunshine in the nation’s midlands, north, and east, before rain moves in from the southwest and covers the majority of the country as the day goes on.

After the weekend, rain is predicted to fall every day until Wednesday. It will probably be the strongest on Monday and Wednesday, with isolated areas seeing hail showers.

There may be frost and ice in certain areas when the week’s peak temperature of 12 degrees drops to as low as -2 on Wednesday night, reports The Mirror.

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