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Holly Willoughby accused attempted to kidnap two other women in past, court told

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A court has heard that a shopping centre security guard on trial for allegedly plotting to abduct, rape, and kill television host Holly Willoughby had previously attempted kidnappings, reports RTE.

Gavin Plumb was accused of using rope and tape to bind the hands of a 16-year-old girl and of threatening to use a pistol to force two other ladies off a train with him. These incidents were reported to Chelmsford Crown Court.

Each effort was halted, the prosecutor Alison Morgan KC claimed, with one lady sobbing in fear, reports RTE.

The earlier kidnapping attempts by Plumb, according to her, “tell you that this defendant knew what it would take to terrify and overpower a woman”.

Ms Morgan told a jury today: “On August 14 2006, the defendant approached a woman on a train. He sat opposite her and stared at her, before showing her a note which said: ‘I have got a gun. All you have to do is keep quiet. Do what I say. So just stand up and get off at the next stop with me. Don’t cry or make a sound. Don’t stop me from touching you because I won’t hurt you. If you do all of this, no-one will get hurt but if you don’t I am going to shoot you and myself and everyone else’, reports RTE.

“The victim was terrified and began to cry. Others on the train came over, at which point the defendant tore up the note and ran off at the next stop,” she added, reports RTE.

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