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Homeless migrant challenges Irish State over refusal to accommodate her

A homeless asylum seeker with a history of mental health problems has brought a case to the Supreme Court over the state’s refusal to provide her with housing, reports Breaking News.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman in her 20s from a Central American country who was denied housing because she left the Irish Defence Office (IPO) before a taxi arrived to pick her up, according to the Supreme Court on Wednesday centre where she would be housed.

Her lawyer David Leonard Bl, hired by solicitors at the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, said the woman, who cannot communicate effectively in English, left the IPO after saying there was no accommodation available for her.

She stayed with the IPO for some time before leaving.

Although the woman appears to be on a “re-accommodation list,” a lawyer described her situation as precarious, reports Breaking News.

For several weeks she has been sleeping on friends’ sofas, but has also spent nights on the streets, she has no family or close friends in Ireland.

The woman suffered from mental health problems and injured herself.

It is also claimed that her condition has deteriorated due to her homelessness, reports Breaking News.

With her lawsuit she seeks various orders and findings from the court.

These include orders overturning the minister’s May 3 decision not to provide her with housing and requiring the minister to provide her with housing.

The matter came before Judge Cian Ferriter, who allowed the woman’s legal team to plead an amicable appeal.

The judge found that while all homeless people were at risk, the evidence before the court indicated that the applicant was in “a particularly vulnerable situation,” reports Breaking News.

The matter was adjourned to a date in mid-June.

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