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How fast is Broadband in Ireland ? Not very, check your town here!



Of late my own personal broadband has been fairly dire, I’m on a Fibre plan of 70mb but Fibre is not in my area. So this means I can only get a max of 24mb, but my line can only take a max of 12mb. That would be okay if it wasn’t for the fact that my broadband signal degrades on a profile more than 9mb so my line max speed is actually 9mb. This means that real world speeds for me are never more than 7.5 or 8mb but due to a general Eircom area fault I am told, my speeds are more like 1.5mb with lots of packet loss and high ping rates.

Okay so Eircom having a fault is fine except for the fact I am with Vodafone, this is the way Ireland is set up, my ISP technically has an ISP and if my ISP’s ISP is having an issue then so I am. So I thought I would take a look at the Irish Index of internet speed provided by OOKLA. Firstly let me say that on a global scale Ireland is ranked 37th which seems okay until you realise that Romania is ranked 5th, no offence Romania. The Irish average download speed is 27.3mb with an average upload speed of 8.8mb. Now you might be thinking to yourself “why don’t I have anything near that if that’s the average”, well that’s because many towns and cities like Dublin, Cork and others are bringing your poor rating up.

So how well is your town doing, check out the ones below that are measured by OOKLA and see.


Now keep in mind that the above are major centers, just a few miles out and the average speed may be more like 56kb (dial up). So in my area of Wicklow the average is 21mb but this is the averages from only a selection of areas. I live just 7 miles from the exchange in Wicklow Town yet right now I may as well be on dial up the quality is so poor.

Eircom is rolling out more and more line upgrades every day and having spoken with Paul Bradley of Eircom I know they are doing good work but please do not forget that in rural areas the majority of the people live outside of towns.

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