I can't wear a mask due to medical reasons and I'm treated like a leper with vicious looks

I can’t wear a mask due to medical reasons and I’m treated like a leper with vicious looks

For reasons that I don’t wish to get into on a public forum, but I’m a middle aged man and have a medical condition that deems me exempt from wearing a mask.

I don’t try and anyone feel uncomfortable, especially old people, but I literally cannot wear a mask.

I look “normal” to most people but that’s not the problem. The issue is some people give me vicious looks as I walk around supermarkets. I see some people blatantly turn, walk or even run away when they see me approach.

I’ve had one elderly man, presumably filled up to the eyeballs with RTE, walk up to me and tell me to put my mask on, to which I told him I was exempt but he continued to insist that “there’s a pandemic, put your mask on”. Again, I told him I was exempt and walked away.

For the most part, staff have been very understanding and cooperate. Penneys staff in particular have been very friendly and fair.

All I’m asking for is that people don’t treat me as a leper when they see I’m not wearing a mask. There’s nothing I can do about it. I’m asking that they have some common courtesy, respect my condition and don’t be so utterly rude with their blatant contempt for something that they know absolutely nothing about.

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