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I’m alright, Jack: €5,000 for politicians v €5 for OAPs


The headline says it all, really.

Budget Day is looming, and politicians are readying their pockets for a snowfall of fresh notes, while debating whether or not this is a good auld time for OAPs and other vulnerable sectors of society to be handed an extra fiver in their pensions and other entitlements.

And even when the amount is so negligible, both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail could not agree when to toss the five silver coins to the populace.

According to the Government, the money isn’t there for the OAPs right now. Maybe in March next year. Or June, according to the Minister for Social ‘Protection’, Leo Varadkar. Yet, come hell or high water, politicians will receive wage boosts of up to €5,000 on April Fool’s Day, coincidentally. Or maybe not.

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