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Indiana man helps woman escape from her captors


A man who rescued a woman who was apparently held captive for two months by an Indiana couple, has said the woman begged him to help her escape.

The man in question Ron Higgs told local news WEHT-TV, that his ex-wife and her boyfriend were holding the woman in a small wooden cage, and she was only allowed out to cook and clean.

Mr Higgs told reporters that he visited Kendra Tooley and Ricky Roy House Jr and was dumbfounded when Tooley told him: “I’ve got a girl back here in a cage.”

Mr Higgs, 61, also told WFIE-TV the woman, who has been missing since July 9th, that she pleaded for help. He somehow managed to set her free after convincing House and Tooley that he would not tell police. The Posey County couple face preliminary charges of rape and criminal confinement.

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