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Latest Scottish Independence Poll is bad news for Sterling


The latest poll shows Scottish voters a in line to exit the United Kingdom and become their own sovereign state.

Latest figures give the ‘Yes’ side a 52/48% advantage, while others aren’t so close with a 10% don’t know margin.

The significance of this latest poll however, means that Sterling sank more than 1% to its biggest decline in some 13 months, trading at $1.6145 again’st the US Dollar.

A lot of companies with major interests in Scotland also saw their share prices fall on Monday.

Weir Group saw its shares drop by 1.47%, SSE fell 2.25% and defence contractors Babcock and BAE Systems slid 2.35% and 1.12%, respectively.

The Royal Bank of Scotland dropped 1.297%, Lloyds Banking Group was down 2.432% and Standard Life fell 2.425%.

The FTSE 100 closed down 2.033 points – 0.3%.

If Scotland do vote ‘Yes’ and leave the U.K. then the Sterling will play havoc on the market for quite some time.

We’ll know on Septmber 18th.

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