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Investigation ongoing as remains found in search for missing baby

Image source: Sky

British police say the remains of a two-month-old baby belonging to aristocrat Constance Marton and her partner Mark Gordon have been found, reports RTE.

Detective Superintendent Lewis Basford of the Metropolitan Police, who led the investigation, told reporters the remains were found in a wooded area.

The couple were arrested in Brighton on Monday after evading police for more than seven weeks, but were without their child.

They refused to tell police where the child was, prompting a massive manhunt across a large area of the Sussex countryside.

More than 200 agents and specialized search teams combed the area around Stanmer Villa, where the couple were finally caught after a tip from a member of the public, reports RTE.

They were arrested on child neglect charges and later on grossly negligent homicide charges.

Detective Superintendent Mr Basford told reporters: “”It is my very sad duty to update this afternoon, police officers searching a wooded area close to where Constance and Mark Gordon were arrested, discovered the remains of a baby,” reports RTE.

Hundreds of police officers and search and rescue specialists scoured more than 200 square kilometers of the Sussex countryside in a bid to find the baby, who had not received medical attention since he was born in a car in Bolton on January 5. the police may be puzzled.

Ms Marten, 35, who comes from a family with royal connections, went missing for the first time with Mr Gordon, 48, after their car was abandoned on the side of the M61 and set on fire on 5 January, reports RTE.

They were arrested in Brighton on Monday, minutes after a member of the public alerted police.

Yesterday, Mr Basford said the couple had not given police any information about where his son might be.

Specialized search parties can be seen scouring the park today, approximately one kilometer from where the pair were arrested.

The area where the pair were arrested had a heavy police presence and a red sniffer dog van was seen making its way onto the adjacent golf course leading to allotments which were also raided.

Users of the garden were told that officers had broken into every shed on the site and would remain there for some time, reports RTE.

Mr Basford said authorities had not received any information about the child’s well-being or whereabouts since the couple were taken into custody.

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