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Gardai warn women to be vigilant after hidden camera spotted in shower sees man jailed

An Garda Síochána today issued a stern warning and advice on a rise in sextortion cases in Ireland.

Citing a recent case, gardai revealed that a woman reportedly found an image of herself circulating online without her permission, reports The Mirror.

It is understood that she was taken via a hidden camera in her shower and the man responsible was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

To show the dangers of sextortion, officers have launched a social media campaign to highlight the cunning crime.

Officials have issued public guidance on how it can happen and how to respond if you are or become a victim.

According to, Ireland’s national center responsible for tackling illegal content online, it says it received 688 reports in relation to Intimate Image Abuse (IIA) in 2022, reports The Mirror. has had a successful removal rate of 93% and removing intimate images takes 0-3 days on average.

Speaking about this crime and how to avoid becoming a victim of it, Detective Superintendent Ian Lackey of the National Office of Garda Protective Services said: ‘We recognize that there are victims of extortion who do not necessarily realize that what they are experiencing is very serious, criminal”. and can be prosecuted.

Warning Signs:

– Something is wrong: Their online profile is inconsistent with what you see and hear when you talk or chat with them.

– They are making excuses: they say their webcam isn’t working and instead they send a nude photo that they claim is of them.

A tip from the Garda Síochána:

– Don’t panic, help and support is available.

– Save all evidence – take screenshots. Save messages and pictures. Collect URL links where information is shared online

– Block all kind of communication with the person who is signing you up

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