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Investigation underway Stateside after 15-yr-old kills five people and injuries 2 more in shooting spree on hiking trail

Image source: CNN

Five people were killed, including an off-duty police officer, when a teenager opened fire on a hiking trail in the state capital.

On Thursday evening, a 15-year-old man began shooting in the streets of the Hedingham neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Neighbors immediately called 911 around 5 p.m. When police arrived, the suspect fled onto a nearby hiking trail. Along the way, he killed three other people and injured two, including another police officer.

‘The shootings occurred in the streets, then the suspect fled toward the greenway. We had more shootings occur in the greenway,” Raleigh Police Sheriff Estella Patterson said Friday morning, reports Metro.

Although police quickly arrived at the scene, Patterson said there was a “long standoff” with the suspect on the trail. He was arrested around 9:37 p.m. Thursday evening.

According to Metro, Police said the shooting took place along a long runway. “The crime scene was pretty expansive, over 2 miles,” Patterson said. She asked the public to stay away from that part of the trail for now.

Patterson identified the victims as Nicole Conners (52), Susan Karnatz (49), Mary Marshall (35) and Officer Gabriel Torres (29).

Police gather at the Aldi on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday evening, October 13, 2022. Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin told reporters that several people were shot dead on the Neuse River green lane around 5 p.m. Police had notified them around 8 p.m. that the suspect had been??? keep ??? in a dormitory in the region. (Ethan Hyman/The News & Observer via AP)

Constable Torres was off duty when he was killed and police said they were unsure if he tried to attack the gunman. They confirmed that he would work on Thursday evening.

A fifth victim was not identified but was described as a 16-year-old white male.

Marcile Gardner, 59, was injured and remains in critical condition.

Another Raleigh police officer was also injured but has since been treated and discharged from hospital.

“I am extremely proud of the selfless acts of our Raleigh Police Department officers,” Patterson said Friday reports the Metro.

The suspect was described as a 15-year-old white male. He was taken into custody and taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, Patterson said.

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