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Ireland could get yet another mini heatwave before the Winter

The mercury dropped as low as -2C overnight with the cold weather set to continue into next week, however, a big change is signalled for the weekend, reports The Mirror.

By Thursday, daytime temperatures could reach 17C with the national forecaster saying it will feel “much milder and rather humid”.

It indicated that the rest of the month and early November are expected to feel warmer than average, hinting at an October ‘mini-heatwave’.

Met Eireann says to expect another cool and dry day tomorrow with some occasional showers, reports The Mirror.

By Thursday, thermometers could reach 17C while next weekend is likely to remain unsettled with showers and rain.

Giving an update on next week’s weather, Ireland’s meteorological service said: “Confidence is reasonably high for the first half of this week with a continuation of the fine settled spell, albeit cooler than average at that stage too. Current indications suggest it will turn more somewhat mixed later in the week, with more of an Atlantic influence taking hold. As a result, some spells of wet and breezy weather may move in on occasion. Despite this, rainfall figures are expected to be much lower than average overall with mean air temperatures expected to be around normal, taking the full seven days into account. While confidence for this week falls off during the second half of the week, overall it is reasonably good, for the picture as a whole,” reports The Mirror.

Looking ahead to the following week of October 23 to October 29, Met Eireann said: “Temperatures are signalled to be near or slightly above average.” The forecast for that week reads: “Confidence decreases that bit more for the last week of October. However, it is likely to be predominately settled with high pressure to the northeast and low pressure to the southwest. Temperatures are signalled to be near or slightly above average. It is also expected to be drier than normal for much of the country, especially across the northwest. In parts of the south and southeast, amounts though will be likely around or slightly above normal,” reports The Mirror.

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