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Irish ambassador gets severely reprimanded over Palestine state recognition

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The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry in Jerusalem called Irish Ambassador to Israel Sonya McGuinness and chastised her for her country’s recognition of the state of Palestine, reports RTE.

For the same purpose, the ambassadors from Norway and Spain were present at the same conference.

They were shown a previously unseen video of Hamas kidnapping female army conscripts on October 7, 2018, prior to any talks, reports RTE.

The Irish government was reportedly displeased by this, as it didn’t adhere to the standard operating protocols and norms for diplomatic interaction.

At the meeting, there is said to have been a “forthright exchange of views” between the two sides. Israeli officials refrained from declaring that any limitations will be imposed on the diplomatic posts of Norway, Spain, and Ireland, despite rumours in the media, reports RTE.

Following the diplomatic retreat, a spokesman for the Israeli government declared: “Peace is not advanced by the acceptance of a Palestinian state. It keeps war going.”

“Excellent” work is being done by the Irish ambassador to Israel in reflecting the views of Ireland, according to Taoiseach Simon Harris, who has said that he would not allow any country to distort the opinions of the Irish people, reports RTE.

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