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Irish Water delays billing by a month

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It has been confirmed that Irish Water has formally applied to the Energy Regulator to extend the registration deadline by one month. This will have the knock-on effect of delaying the first bill until February 2015.

Earlier today, it came to light that over a million households have so far failed to register with Irish Water.

The troubled semi-state quango has been embroiled in one controversy after another since its very inception, and has faced very stiff opposition from all sectors of society. In its latest mess-up, it transpired that some ten tenants’ personal details such as bank accounts, etc, had been mistakenly sent to landlords by Irish Water.

Many at government level now fear that the bungling nature of the semi-state body and the fallout from its disastrous existence up to this point might just cost them the next election.

A decision whether to grant Irish Water’s request will be made later in the week, the Energy Regulator confirmed.

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